Residential Pricing

Residential Video
Video Packages
FiberNET has an entertainment package that’s just right for your household. Select from one of our six packages and then add the optional digital tiers that suit your needs. In addition to the channels included, all of our digital packages provide you with video-on-demand capability.
Expanded Basic - $60.95

You’ll receive 73 channels of the best programming available.

Digital Basic - $72.95
All the channels in Expanded Basic, plus:
  • An additional 60 channels of programming
  • Our Interactive Program Guide for easy navigation
  • 50 channels of digital music
  • Video On Demand, Pay Per View, and Free On Demand
Digital Basic Plus 1 - $82.95
All the channels in Digital Basic, plus your choice of ONE premium service.
HBO | Cinemax | STARZ | Showtime

Digital Basic Plus 2 - $90.95
All the channels in Digital Basic, plus your choice of TWO premium services.
HBO | Cinemax | STARZ | Showtime

Digital Basic Plus 4 - $103.95
All the channels in Digital Basic, plus ALL 4 premium services.
HBO | Cinemax | STARZ | Showtime

Standard Set-top Box - Primary.............................$1.95 per month
Standard Set-top Box - Additional..........................$6.95 per month
High Definition Box...............................................$10.95 per month
HD DVR................................................................$15.95 per month
Premium Channels
Select from these premium channels for your package. Each group counts as one selection. Subscription to a digital package is required for premium channels. Premium services may also be purchased separately at these rates:
  • HBO -- $16.35
  • Cinemax -- $11.95
  • Showtime -- $11.95
  • STARZ -- $11.95
Digital Tiers
FiberNET has additional programming with digital tiers that are tailored to your interests:
  • Sports Tier -- $6.00
  • Latino Tier -- $6.00
High Definition
If you subscribe to at least our Digital Basic Tier and purchase a HDTV set top box (for as low as $10.95 per month), you will be able to access up to 111 HD channels. To learn more about our HD Tier click here.

You can save even more when you "bundle" all three of our services (video, internet, and telephone).
Residential Internet  

  Downstream Bandwidth Upstream Bandwidth Monthly Price
Tier 1

50 Mbps

50 Mbps


Tier 2

100 Mbps

100 Mbps


Tier 3

250 Mbps

250 Mbps


Tier 4 500 Mbps 500 Mbps $99.95
Tier 5 1 Gigabit 1 Gigabit $199.95

Click here to view internet speed test

Basic Residential Line - $32.95 per month includes:
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Voice Mail
  • 60 minutes of long distance
  • Plus all taxes and fees
Customize your telephone service by adding an additional line, calling features, and even discounted long distance. All prices are per month.
  • Additional Line -- $17.95
  • Distinctive Ring -- $3.75
Unlimited Long Distance -- $11.95*
  • Call anywhere in the contiguous 48 states or Canada for one flat rate per month. Can be added to any of the local service options
All rates are subject to change. Applicable fees and taxes apply and are additional to these rates. Based upon credit rating. Additional deposits may be required. All Internet packages include 5 email accounts ( Standard install charges include 1 video outlet, 1 internet outlet, and 1 phone jack. Standard install fees do no include wall fish.