FiberNET Email

Update on Email Transfer to New Server
Wednesday, Feb. 7th 11:00am

The FiberNET transfer of email accounts from the old server to the new server completed this morning. 
FiberNET customers should be able to log in to the email account now and should be able to send and receive email using webmail at The transfer of previous emails stored on the old server is still in progress and may take as long as 2 days to complete the transfer of all emails. 

 What this means for the customer: 

 You will log into your email as usual.  Your email from the old server will migrate into the new server which may take some time to complete.  Once it is completed it will prompt you to create a new, more secure password for your account.  Contacts will not migrate to the new server. If you would like to retrieve contacts from the old server please follow the link below to access directions to export and import your contacts.  

                ***The old server content will be available until midnight Feb. 15th ***

 If you use webmail to access your email it will look and function differently.  Follow the link above to see more about how the new email looks.

 Please contact MUS FiberNET Customer Support at 423-586-4121 option 2 if you have questions or need assistance.    Our Tech Support Advisors are available Monday - Friday 7am - 11pm to assist customers.  

   Below you will find information on the following:  

   Old Email Location  
   NEW Email Location   Active as of Wednesday, February 7, 2018  at 8 aM 

Logging in to Email for the First Time 
      Email Login 1

EMail Login 2

Email Login 3

Email Login 4

Email Login 5

 Changing Your Password 
Email Password 1

Email Password 2

Password Security Requirements

Passwords Must Contain one UPPERCASE letter

Passwords Must Contain one lowercase letter

Passwords Must Does not match your username

Passwords Must Contain any number 0 through 9

Passwords Must Contain any special character such as #, @, &, etc.

Passwords Must be at least 10 characters long