FiberNET is Better Television

With FiberNET, cable TV just got a whole lot better! We are introducing several exciting new entertainment technology options to the community:
Get 195 cable and music channels for only $72.95 per month! FiberNET has Video on Demand with a huge video library and VCR-like control for anytime movie viewing. FiberNET offers more High-Definition channels for the best picture quality possible.

With FiberNET, television has never been better - or more interactive! With more than 370 video and music channels to choose from, all your favorite channels are available.

"I am often asked why it was important to build a state of the art fiber optic infrastructure here in Morristown. The answer is simple. We live in the age of enlightenment. In an age defined by information which in turn drives technology, commerce and our quality of life. Information is indeed power. It is education and the quest for knowledge that in effect changes the community we live in, the world around us and our place in it. It is the tool that effectively changes the quality of our life and therefore the impression we leave here for future generations to come. It creates advantages our forefathers fought so desperately for and only dreamed of in individual freedom, contribution to community and the human spirit in “real time”. A phenomenon never before witnessed on this planet. This commitment to education in the way of information is in reality a commitment to personal and collective ingenuity, innovation and humanity all of which are imperative to the economic success of our way of life."

                                                                           George Benjamin, Telecommunications Manager