Levelized Billing

Levelized Billing Image

Living on a budget?  Would having your utility bill be about the same every month help you stay within your budget?  Consider MUS’s Levelized Billing Program. 

 Levelized billing averages your bills for the last 12 months on a continuous basis.  Averaging your bill smooths out the extreme seasonal variations, both highs and lows, to produce a more levelized amount each month.  The bill will not be of the exact same amount, but it will vary only slightly within a few dollars as it adjusts to the extreme seasonal fluctuations.  The calmer months of the year absorb the extreme variations to create your levelized bill. 

 Who qualifies for Levelized Billing? 

  •  Available to residential customers only
  • Account must have a zero balance to enroll
  • Account must have 12 months history at that location

 If you meet the qualifications and are interested in your utility bills being around the same amount each month complete the Levelized Billing Agreement and send it to customerservice@musfiber.net or visit our office and allow a customer service advisor to assist you.