Deposits & Fees

MUS Schedule of Charges   
Customers with a satisfactory credit score will not be charged a deposit.
Residential Electric Deposit $300.00*
Residential Water Deposit (Inside City) $50.00
Residential Water Deposit (County) $50.00
Commercial Deposit Twice the Highest Bill
Returned Check Charge $35.00
Trip/Connect/Disconnect/Reconnect Charge during Office Hours $35.00
Trip/Connect/Disconnect/Reconnect Charge after Hours $75.00
Disconnect/Reconnect Service at Pole during Office Hours $50.00
Disconnect/Reconnect Service at Pole after Office Hours $200.00
Customer Compliance with Commission Rules Repairs $75.00
Meter Test (single phase residential)  $50.00
Temporary Pole Service Connect $100.00
 *If a social security number is not provided an additional $100 deposit will be required.