Assistance or Concerns

Customers seeking financial assistance for utility bill payment may contact the following organizations: 

Are you having trouble paying your bill?

Ask us about a payment extension, or you may be eligible for financial assistance with your utility bill. To see if you qualify please call for further assistance:

 Douglas Cherokee
534 E 1st North St.
Morristown, TN 37814
Ph: (423)-318-6933 or (423)-318-6938

     *Note: you may need a 12 month print out of electric usage
      LiHeap Program Brochure 

2450 S. Cumberland St
Morristown, TN 37813
Ph: (423)-586-9431

Are you a veteran?

Tennessee Valley of Coalition for the Homeless
(supportive services for Veteran families)
Ph: (865)-556-0791

*Some local churches occasionally provide assistance when funds are available 

High Bills?  Here is some information that may be of help.  

Bill Dispute or Complaints:  

Hearings on disputed bills will be held by appointment at Morristown Utility Commission's office on any business day. The Service Manager or her designee will hear the evidence, render a decision in writing and shall promptly provide the customer with a copy of said decision. The customer may no later than noon of the fifth business day after a decision is rendered, submit a request for an appeal hearing conducted by the General Manager. The General Manager will hear evidence and render a final decision in writing and shall promptly provide the customer with copy of such decision. The customer requesting a hearing has the right to examine Commission's records pertaining to that customer's service. In addition, the customer has a right to have a representative at the hearing, to testify and to present witnesses. The Customer's service will not be discontinued until after the above procedures have been complied with. A copy of the hearing and appeal procedures will be posted in Commission's offices.

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 Privacy and Confidentiality Policy