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With this utility you can select the services that best matches your lifestyle. Selecting the Pick & Choose tab will allow you to compare prices of our most popular offerings and choose what best matches your budget. Keep in mind, as you select items the monthly price will change showing you the combined totals of everything you have chosen.

When you are satisfied with your selections and wish to take the next steps to a greater experience, then choose the Submit Information tab to enter your information. Someone from MUS will be in contact with you soon.

Thank you for choosing FiberNET. We know you will be very happy with your experience.

Residential Rates
Build your perfect plan today. Select all three services and save $15.00!
Monthly Charge:
Premium Channels****/*****
Additional Tiers*****
Fastest upload and download speeds in Morristown.
WiFi Service
DNS hosting & static IP address available for an additional charge.
*Estimated pricing per month excluding taxes and fees.
**Record and watch on any TV
***Each television requires a set-top box at $3.95 per box.
****Premiums: Choose 1 - $14.95, Choose 2 - $26.95, Choose 3 - $36.95, Choose 4 - $46.95
*****Premium Channels and Additional Tiers may only be added to Select Video or Premier Video.
*Estimated pricing per month excluding taxes and fees.

Fill out the information below and press Submit. We will contact you for scheduling your service install. Thank you for choosing FiberNET.

*Address Line 1:
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