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Energy Efficiency

Morristown Utility Systems has serviced this communities needs since 1901. We know energy. That is why MUS is making energy efficiency and programs that encourage it our TOP PRIORITY!

We see the urgency to stop wasting our non-renewable resources, like coal. Whether you believe in global warming or not, a fossil fuel, like coal, will someday be all used up, especially now that other countries are increasing their usage. It is our responsibility to find new technologies, at affordable rates to take the place of coal, BEFORE we use all. And, we all know the economic climate of the world we live in. Money just can’t stretch as far as it use to. These are two reasons we have to change the way we use electricity.

With rising prices and extreme weather, we realize we can’t afford to keep this up. What drives energy efficiency is the fact that we are in charge. We can be our own boss and take control of our power bill through voluntary changes in our behavior. We take our responsibility as a part of this community seriously, so we are prepared to help our customers with information and programs to help. Come by and ask for more information.

Commercial Efficiency and Advice

Morristown Utility Systems, in partnership with TVA, offers programs to assist businesses and organizations in improving energy efficiency and lowering electric demand. Program availability is based on the facility's electric load as measured in kilowatts (kW).

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Free Energy Audit Kit
Click HERE to access a Free Energy Audit Kit from TVA
Tree Line USA Certification

The Arbor Day Foundation, in cooperation with the National Association of State Foresters, recognizes public and private utilities that demonstrate practices that protect and enhance America's urban forests. The Tree Line USA program promotes the dual goals of safe, reliable electric service and abundant, healthy trees across utility service areas. Only 12 Tennessee utilities are certified Tree Line USA Utilities.

Tree Line USA Utilities for 2010
Appalachian Electric Coop. (TN)
Cleveland Utilities (TN)
Clinton Utilities Board (TN)
Cookeville Electric Department (TN)
Duck River Membership Corp. (TN)
Dyersburg Electric System (TN)
Gibson Electric Membership Corp. (TN)
Johnson City Power Board (TN)
Knoxville Utilities Board (TN)
Morristown Utility Systems (TN)
Nashville Electric Server (TN)
TN State Rebates
Tennesseans can get a rebate of up to $250 on their energy efficient home heating and cooling systems through the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program (SEEARP).

Read the Fact Sheet by clicking HERE.

Get an application online HERE.
Kids Only
There's a treasure-trove of information and fun on this TVA site for COOL kids:

Hey kids, here's a site just for you. Learn how to defeat the Energy Hog and become a "Hog Buster".
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Money Saving Minute
Green Power Switch

The Green Power Switch Program is a necessary step in saving our natural resources. By participating in this program you are allowing changes to be made in the way your electricity is produced. Non-renewable resources such as coal, which are now used, will someday be depleted. Measures have to be put in place before hand to insure uninterruptible service in the future. The Green Power Switch Program gives you a low-cost, maintenance free option to installing your own renewable production system.

The Green Power Program products electricity through renewable means, such as wind power, solar power, and landfill methane plants. The average kWh average usage for a home averages 1500kWh per month. Green Power is purchased in blocks of 150kWh, the equivalent of 12% of the average monthly bill. You can purchase as many blocks as you wish. Each block is $4.00 more on your monthly bill. This amount is to cover the higher cost of production and to help build more of the facilities for the future.

 Please fill out the attached form (pdf) and mail it to P.O. Box 667, Morristown, TN 37815 or bring it to the office at 441 West Main Street, Morristown, TN 37814. 

If you would like to find additional information visit the following web site.

Generation Partners
TVA and Morristown Utility Systems offer consumers an opportunity to help protect the environment—a program called Generation Partners. Generation Partners provides technical support and incentives for the installation of renewable generation systems. The program makes more green power available for GPS subscribers, and it creates a market for green power generation by homeowners and businesses.

Program participants support the environment by helping keep the Tennessee Valley clean and green. They also benefit by defraying the costs of their renewable system installation and lowering their monthly energy bills through the revenue they receive from the sale of the green power.

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